Are you having Software Custom developed for your Company?

Here are some of the most important and fundamental questions you need to ask yourself, and importantly discuss with your developer. Year after year disputes are handled in courts across the nation because of a lack of clear and trackable project milestones. Why your idea and needs are clear to you, the vision your developer has can be completely different.

When custom software is delivered, and does not meet your expectations or goals, problems can arise. Who will remedy these problems, who will cover the costs and more. Without clear and specific contracts and agreements in place, many companies will be on the way to their litigation attorney, rather than launching and implementing their new software.

In situations like these, it is important to consult FIRST with a professional technology attorney with regards to your custom software development. That attorney will be experienced with issues common in this space, that you, your company and your developer may not understand or foresee. Here are just a few top level questions to think about and discuss with your team, your developer, and hopefully an experienced technology attorney:

  • Have you reasonable assurance that your Project will be delivered on-time?
    1. What sort of contract remedies should you include to help support that result?
    2. What rights should you have regarding personnel assigned, and how can you help ensure they remain dedicated to your project through completion?
  • How do you help ensure that your Projects function properly?
  • How do you ensure that the project remains within the Project’s budget?
  • How do you ensure that you are in compliance with your regulatory obligations, privacy laws and security requirements?
  • What rights and assurances should you secure to ensure your ability to support and evolve?

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