DUI laws have always been strictly implemented in Canada. Ontario, the province with the highest population tends to have the most DUI cases especially from the city of Toronto. With an increasing amount of cases now being seen, the government has introduced higher fines and stricter falls. Not only Ontario has seen changes, recently, Quebec has introduced the strictest DUI laws in the province. The new law forces repeat drunk drivers to use a Breathalyzer for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to drunk driving penalties, Quebec is way ahead of any other province in Canada. If you compare the DUI laws of Ontario and Quebec, you will find a huge difference. Under Ontario’s DUI laws, drivers convicted of drunk driving twice in ten years are required to use a Breathalyzer for three years. But in Quebec, drivers found guilty twice are forced to use a breathalyzer for the rest of their lives.

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Quebec’s New Drunk Driving Laws

This week Quebec decided against introducing some new drunk driving laws. The law came into effect on Monday.

According to the law, drivers convicted of drunk driving twice in 10 years will have to use a breathalyzer to start their car. A breathalyzer is a device that requires you to blow into it as it checks the alcohol level in your body. This device is required to be fixed in the offender’s car so that they have to blow into it every time to start their car. This will serve as proof that they haven’t been drinking.

The offenders will have to deal with the breathalyzer for the rest of their lives. However, this is only meant for people who are convicted twice in the same decade.

In Quebec, drivers are required to get their licenses branded, so that officials can inspect the driver’s ignition for an interlock device. This is a type of installable equipment that stops a vehicle from starting unless a legal BAC starts it.

Drivers with a branded license are also not allowed to use any other car unless the required device is installed in it.

According to Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) reports, alcohol-related accidents cause up to 100 deaths, 1,800 minor injuries, and 220 serious injuries every year.

In case, a driver is caught without the interlock system, they will have to pay a fine of $1,500. Not just that but their vehicles will also be impounded by the officials for at least 30 days. Along with that their driving license will also be suspended for three months.

Francois Bonnardel, the minister of Transport if Quebec the Estrie region said that there has been some improvement in road safety in Quebec. However, the number of accidents caused by drinking and driving is still too high. A lot of such incidents are happening every year.

He also said that by introducing this new measure, they are trying to make it clear to repeat offenders and motorists that drinking and driving are completely unacceptable under all circumstances.

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Why these new drunk and driving laws have been introduced?

Quebec is taking strict measures for drunk and driving offenders. They have introduced new DUI laws to reduce the number of alcohol-related road accidents in the country.

This new law is a clear indication that under no circumstances drunk and driving will be acceptable. If drivers are caught driving without the interlock system, they will be fined a heavy penalty of $1500. Not just that, but their driving license will also be suspended and vehicle impounded.

This is one of the strictest DUI laws in Canada. Despite these new measures, the number of accident cases due to alcohol influence is high in the country. But the officials are hoping that it will gradually show results.

With the implementation of the new laws, the Canadian government wants to show how committed they are to stopping drunk-driving. Emigrants seeking to get permanent residency in the country should remember that Canada views drunk-driving as a serious offense. Having such an offense on record may get your application for permanent residency rejected.

Whether foreign nationals or not, anybody committing such an offense will not be spared under the law. If you are caught drinking and driving twice within ten years, then you will have to use an interlock system in your car for the rest of your life. Also, you may have to face other penalties as well.

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If you stay in Canada or want to get into Canada as an immigrant, it is better to be careful and drive safely. Canada’s government takes drunk and drive offenses very seriously which means you can get into a lot of trouble.

Looking at the current alcohol-related death rate, we can say that this measure was much needed. This will at least make people more careful when they go out on the roads with their car.

The new DUI laws were introduced by Quebec this week. This is said to be one of the strictest DUI laws in Canada that are introduced to reduce the number of alcohol-related road accidents.