Accidents have the power to affect you on a physical and financial level. As a victim, you should not have to bear the burden of the costs, fight for the right to compensation today.

Southern California is one of the most populous regions in the nation and as a result, it is no stranger to personal injury accidents. Fortunately, the State of California allows victims of negligent accidents the opportunity to file a claim against the at-fault party for damages.

If you were involved in an accident where you sustained injuries, you should know that filing a personal injury claim can be a challenging process. Every case is different and building a strong case can sometimes demand a thorough investigation of the case and an in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws. After an accident, it is always recommended that you seek the legal support of an attorney who can help you obtain the monetary restitution your case deserves.

Highly Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King thrives on helping clients obtain a fair monetary compensation after a negligent accident. Suffering an unexpected injury can result in a wide-variety of complications. When an accident was caused because of another person or organization’s negligent actions, you should not have to bear the burden of having to pay for your medical expenses. By filing a personal injury claim, you have the opportunity to recover from your damages.

Any accident has the potential to leave a victim with the inability to return to work, and this can have devastating financial consequences for the victim and his or her family. With many years of dedicated experience, Attorney King works hard to help victims through their case as efficiently and as quickly as possible. He understands that accidents can easily result in serious financial hardship and as a result, Attorney Justin H. King is dedicated to helping victims obtain the maximum amount of compensation available.

Legal Proficiency in a Wide-Variety of Personal Injury Accidents

When it comes to personal injury law in California, there are many accidents that can give rise to a personal injury claim. The following is a short list of the most widely pursued claims.

Dog Bite Cases – The State of California has a very strict law that protects victims after experiencing a dog bite. Through California’s strict dog bite law, victims are entitled to compensation following an incident, even if the pet owner claims the dog had no prior history of aggression toward others.

Car Accidents – Every driver in the State of California has a legal obligation to obey traffic laws and drive safely. When a motorist chooses to drive recklessly, he or she can cause catastrophic injuries to others on the road. As such, these drivers should be held accountable for their actions and pay the victims for their injuries.

Common reckless actions that can lead to an accident include:

Defective Products – Product manufacturers have the responsibility to test their products and ensure the safety of consumers before placing the item on the market. While products need to abide by strict regulations, there are still hundreds of products that hit the shelves each year that result in consumer injury. Some negligent companies will attempt to cut corners in the quality of a product and this ultimately results in the injury of an unexpected consumer.

A product liability lawsuit is oftentimes a grueling process, as a manufacturer’s liability can be difficult to identify. Additionally, many cases involve multiple at-fault parties. For instance, an auto accident caused by a defective auto part can be the responsibility of the automaker company that produced the design of the vehicle and the manufacturing company that assembled the vehicle.

Obtain the Support of a Law Firm that is Committed to Bringing Justice to Your Claim

Personal injury accidents are serious matters that demand quick action and thorough investigation. If you or someone you love was injured in an accident that was caused by another, obtaining the legal support of a dedicated attorney is a crucial part of a successful claim. Contact the legal support of an attorney who is not only well-versed in the applicable laws but who will also be dedicated in bringing justice to your case.

Personal injury attorney Justin H. King has successfully represented hundreds of complex personal injury cases. His dedication and attention to each individual case sets his law firm apart, as he dutifully investigates every fact in each case in order to help victims obtain full compensation. Conveniently located in southern California, Attorney King is prepared to aggressively defend and take action against at -fault parties in the most challenging personal injury cases. After your accident, consider contacting the Law Offices of Attorney Justin H. King.